ISOC Global/ISOC-DC Event: An Online Dialogue About Encryption

Please join the Internet Society and the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society for An Online Dialogue About Encryption.

What questions do you have around encryption? What do you see as the major policy issues or technical issues related to encryption?  How does encryption help bring about a higher level of trust in the Internet?  What are your concerns about encryption?

To discuss these questions, and questions you provide to us (see below), the Internet Society and The Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) will co-host a global Online Dialogue about Encryption next week at:

No registration is required – simply join in at the time of the event.

Please send us your questions! Send them via Twitter to @InternetSociety or using the #InternetTrust hashtag – or via email to moderator Christine Runnegar.

Join Us On May 25 for an Online Dialogue about Encryption

By David Vyorst

I am very enthusiastic about this event for many reasons. As the Internet is now part with nearly every facet of society, from communications to finance and healthcare, trust in the Internet is necessary for the Internet and society to function. Without trust in the integrity of the end to end connectivity that is the Internet, people will not communicate with each other, financial institutions will not move the funds around necessary for the global economy to function, and healthcare systems wouldn’t be able to operate. Today’s security and privacy debates underlie challenges to this trust in the Internet. Such challenges will only increase as the amount of connected devices increases exponentially.

Strong encryption is a critical element in maintaining trust. While law enforcement has legitimate needs to access data to prevent crime and terrorism, security experts widely agree that breaking encryption in any way will weaken security and trust.  The way forward will necessarily involve an ongoing conversation between all of the stakeholders involved.

To discuss all these questions, we have an outstanding panel:

  • Olaf Kolkman, Chief Technology Officer, Internet Society
  • Kimmo Ulkuniemi, Assistant Director, Cyber Strategy & Outreach, INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
  • Courtney Radsch, Advocacy Director, Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Amitabh Singhal, Director, Telxess Consulting Services (Pvt) Ltd (India)
  • Amie Sepanovitch, U.S. Policy Director, Access Now

and the session will be moderated by Christine Runnegar, Director, Security and Privacy Policy, Internet Society.

As noted above we also want YOUR questions!  Please do send them in via Twitter or email.

What really excites me about this event is that it is an opportunity to engage the ISOC staff, chapters, and our global community in such a conversation that will advance solutions by bringing stakeholders together in ways that will advance cooperation and solutions.

Please join us!  You may also want to visit the Internet Society’s Encryption page for links to resources about encryption, including a video made by our ISOC-DC chapter.

I look forward to engaging with many of you in this online dialogue on May 25th!

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