2019 ISOC-DC Chapter Council Elections – Candidates

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Beth is the Senior Director of Policy and Privacy for Public Interest Registry (PIR), the operator of .org, .ngo, and .ong, as well as several IDNs. She works within ICANN and other Internet governance organizations to develop and implement policy for the domain name space and is the lead for PIR’s internal privacy compliance efforts. Currently focusing on GDPR, she also works on domestic and international privacy laws that impact the domain name space. Beth joined PIR in April 2016 with over ten years of experience with domestic and international policy analysis and development in Congress and the Executive Branch. Previously, she held positions with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the United States Senate. Beth has worked on a variety of emerging technology issues and is CIPP/E and CIPM certified.

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The 2011 Excellence in Technology Award was awarded to Henry Beaucejour while he was involved at the Buildings Dept NYC for Driving Digital Government. This reward recognized his efforts as far as IT project implementations were concerned.

Henry Beaucejour has worked for several presidents as well as high profile politicians especially on things such as digital campaign strategy. He currently is an advisor to a number of companies in technology as well as a member of several organization boards.

Henry Beaucejour holds both an MA in economics, Ms. in computer management systems and technology policy. He is also the chairman of Haitian Caribbean information technology council(HACARABTECH/HAITINuMERIQUE2030) which has only one purpose and that is to stimulate the expansion of technology in Haiti and to instigate a complete technological revolution in Haiti. Besides his aforementioned skills and talents, he is also a chaplain who holds a BA in theology.

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IT-Telecommunication-Network Engineering-Information System Design/Management & Cybersecurity Consulting. I have been with Washington DC Internet Society as of March 2012 -Present.

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John Holmblad is a highly respected Internet and information technology business executive, educator, entrepreneur, industry consultant, and systems technology leader. John is currently employed as a Principal Information Security Program Specialist at the US Senate and as a professor on the teaching faculty at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) where he teaches information security.

John has built an extensive track record of success in P&L focused executive management within the telecommunications industry, and he has served in executive positions within Aleron, Diveo Broadband Networks Inc. Global One, Alcatel, Sprint, GTE (now Verizon) and Telenet Communications Corporation. His corporate management responsibilities have encompassed GD/CEO, COO, CTO, GM, marketing, engineering, IT, and research and development roles. His career in telecommunications has been spent entirely with companies whose geographic reach is either global or pan-regional and which have served as leaders in pushing the envelope of broadband telecommunications, cloud computing, and Internet services and products.

John is a cum laude graduate of the Johns Hopkins University where he earned a BA in Physics. His graduate education includes work at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering where he earned a graduate certificate in Electrical Engineering, GWU where he earned a masters degree in Computer Science and a graduate certificate in Information Security, and the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary where he earned a Masters of Business Administration.

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I am a lawyer with experience and expertise in the areas of corporate and banking law, of healthcare, and of non-profits. I serve as the treasurer and a director of a number of non-profits for which I also provide legal advice.

I have been in legal practice in Washington since 1979, although now semi-retired. My principal areas of specialization have been corporate and business law, domestic and international commercial and transactional law, small business formation, employment law, and federal and state securities law. For many years I represented the US branches of international banks and advised on structuring their operations in compliance with US and state banking laws.

I have provided legal advice and other assistance to non-profit organizations in their formation, corporate governance, and filings for 501(c)(3) tax status.

In the District, I have been active in affordable housing and neighborhood redevelopment through a multi-racial interfaith grassroots organizing group, Washington Interfaith Network (“WIN”).

In the Internet area, I am currently a Co-Convenor (= Co-Chair) and the Treasurer of the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society. For the Internet Society and a number of other international organizations involved with the Internet, I have provided legal advice on corporate governance and drafted their governing and procedures documents.

I also provided environmental legal services in the past. For more than 20 years I have served as a director and the Secretary of the Rachel Carson Council, Inc., an environmental justice activist group.

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Khedidja Ouheb has 14+ years of experience in project management, business development, social impact strategies, social entrepreneurship, consulting training and facilitation. For over 10 years, Khedidja managed multi-billion dollar investment projects and supported collaborative initiatives between subcontractors, stakeholders, high-profile clients, and other program divisions. She has helped various global organizations and institutions develop their project management plans using the logic model approach as a roadmap to provide direction and clarity by presenting the big picture of change along with impact measurement and scalability. She is skilled in business growth strategies, developing partnership relationships, business development, operations, sales, leading cross-functional teams and workload by promoting professional service excellence to increase value. Her professional interests lie at the intersection of adaptive leadership and change management, global development, innovative ways of solving social problems, new technology, and corporate social responsibility.

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George Sadowsky received an A.B. degree in mathematics from Harvard, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in economics from Yale. He has worked as an applied mathematician and a programmer, and has directed computing centers and networks at Yale University, the Brookings Institution, Northwestern University and New York University.

At the United Nations during 1973-1986, he supported numerous technical assistance projects in ICT including the Chinese Population Census of 1982, and has worked in more than 50 developing countries. During 2001-2006 he was Executive Director of the Global Internet Policy Initiative with Internet policy projects in 17 countries in transition. He has been a consultant to foundations, governments and international agencies.

He was a Director of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) during 2009-2018. Previously he served on Boards of AppliedTheory Corporation, the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, the New York State Educational and Research Network and the Internet Society. From 2005-2009 he was a Special Adviser to the chair of the Internet Governance Forum.

In 2013 he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. He has written and lectured extensively on ICT and development.

(See http://www.georgesadowsky.org/ for additional information)

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Monica’s background includes serving as a Senior Committee Counsel on both the House and Senate Committees on Homeland Security. Her work included staffing the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Critical and Emerging Threats, and working with Members to produce the first Congressional report about the impacts of overregulation on security. She has presented on legal authorizes at the EU-US Critical Infrastructure Security experts meeting and was chosen to work with colleagues on the same as part of the prestigious European Union Visitors Program. Her policy and legal background also includes emergency response, humanitarian and international affairs work. Monica is a professor of law and has worked in several U.S. and international jurisdictions. She holds an LL.M in International Business Law from the University of London, UCL.

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Dr. Aram Sinnreich is an Associate Professor and chair of the Communication Studies division at American University’s School of Communication. Sinnreich’s work focuses on the intersection of culture, law and technology, with an emphasis on subjects such as emerging media and music. He is the author of three books: Mashed Up (2010), The Piracy Crusade (2013), and The Essential Guide to Intellectual Property (2019). He has also written for publications including The New York Times, Billboard, Wired, The Daily Beast, and The Conversation. Prior to coming to AU, Sinnreich served as Associate Professor at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information, Director at media innovation lab OMD Ignition Factory, Managing Partner of media/tech consultancy Radar Research, Visiting Professor at NYU Steinhardt, and Senior Analyst at Jupiter Research.

Sinnreich has served as Councilor for ISOC-DC for the past two years, and has helped to organize and host several events, including full day symposia on “fake news” and data privacy protections in the US.

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Shane Tews is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute managing the Global Internet Strategy program that focuses on cyber security and Internet governance as part of AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy. Along with her work at AEI Shane in the President of Logan Circle Strategies working with her clients to create a coordinated public policy approach to Information Communications and Technology policies and cyber security and cyber governance strategies on a global scale. Additionally, Shane manages many of the relationships with Congress, the Administration, Foreign Governments, Think Tanks and Trade Associations on behalf of Vrge Communications.

Shane was formerly Vice President of Global Public Policy and Government Relations for Verisign, Inc. where she was responsible for the strategic planning and daily management of the Policy and Government Relations efforts for Verisign globally. Shane represented Verisign’s interest before United States and International government officials in the Information Communications and Technology Sector where she participated in the development of e-commerce policies with International governing bodies, National and State Legislators, International, National and Regional trade associations and Information Technology coalitions.

Shane is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Internet Education Foundation and previously served as the co-Chair of the Internet Governance Forum USA (IGF-USA). She is also currently a board member of TechFreedom and GlobalWIN. She formerly sat on several Information Technology Boards including the European American Business Council, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Information Technology Industry Foundation, and the United States Telecommunications Training Institute.

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