The Geopolitics of Internet Governance

The international landscape calls for a more compelling narrative for internet governance than the US –centric one inherited from the ‘90s. Will it be possible to accommodate non-western state’s (this is much more than China and Russia) desire for a larger role for governments without throwing the multi-stakeholder model and (more importantly) human rights overboard?



Phil Verveer, Former US Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy, US Department of State

Veni Markovski, ICANN, Vice President for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe

Sally Wentworth, Senior Director, Strategic Public Policy

Bill Smith, Senior Policy Advisor, Technology Evangelist, PayPal

Laura DeNardis, Associate Professor in the School of Communication, American University


James Lewis, Director and Senior Fellow, Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS

David Vyorst, Co-Founder, Relay Station Social Media