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The following are candidates in the ISOC-DC Council Election 2023. If you are an ISOC-DC member, you may VOTE HERE.

Nii Simmonds

  • I live in the DC metro area. I'm a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center. I'm a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in emerging and frontier markets. With an astute understanding of the rapid changes occurring within these markets like Africa. I have honed this knowledge to work in various verticals, including emerging technologies, innovation, manufacturing, and supply chains.
  • My vision is to bring underserved and diverse professionals to support ISOC's mission. As emerging technologies, cybersecurity and innovation become paramount to trade and competitiveness, we need diverse professionals with unique experiences to navigate known and unknown challenges and threats going forth
  • Member since Oct 5 2023

Heather Diaz

  • This is a great opportunity for me to learn about my local ISOC chapter and participate in broader internet policy work, and connect with those in my area on important internet governance topics. Currently I work for a Registry Operator called fTLD Registry which is a DC company, and I oversee the compliance and policy areas for the business which manages two top-level domains (TLDs), .Bank and .Insurance. Through this work we have progressed initiatives to make the internet more secure for the banking and insurance communities our TLDs serve.
  • ISOC-DC should be a DMV hub for sharing best practices for securing the internet, especially given our proximity to the hub of the federal government we can champion and share information with the government and key stakeholders on what this looks like including addressing emerging topics like AI and machine learning.
  • Member since Nov 8 2023

Tyrell Junius

  • I am qualified based on my 15 years experience in the technology ecosystem as a change and project manager and director at small and large companies leading digital implementations. As Co-founder of a wireless communication startup at the forefront of advancing connectivity and sensing applications. I regularly engage with standard associations like IEEE, ITU, and digital equity organizations to ensure holistic approaches/solutions are being adopted and aligned with achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for infrastructure, innovation, partnerships, and zero poverty. I am standing for election to accelerate the goals of ISOC by offering my time and skillsets to the Council in community organizing, business development, product development, content generation, community engagement, and innovation strategy. Furthermore, the DMV chapter is at a critical juncture of action with the upcoming BEAD and NTIA allocations creates the potential to transform internet access and digital literacy for unserved and underserved populations. I look forward to your feedback and the opportunity to collaborate.
  • ISOC-DC has the potential to be at the forefront of driving digital inclusion and access across the DMV. As stated in your by-laws, the purpose of ISOC is to: (1) protecting the open, innovative development and use of the Internet and (2) engaging and educating the next generation of Internet users and helping them shape the evolution of the Internet. I would like to focus on both points for my vision. With big investments into digital infrastructure, we must ensure that the youth and elderly don't get left behind with this internet boom. Historically, specific communities across the DMV are less likely to have an internet subscription compared to middle-class areas. Furthermore, this is compounded by a lack of digital literacy and basic cybersecurity knowledge which leaves communities vulnerable to scams and attacks. As ISOC-DC, we can do something about to address these gaps. We can convene with events and deploy activities around economic, political, societal, and environmental factors of the internet to upskill disadvantaged communities. The time is now.
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  • Member since Jun 4 2023

Jonathan Conradt

  • I have previously served as a board member for a charitable non-profit, and as a vice president of the board. I have experience working at Microsoft on IP based TV (MediaRoom), Google (Chrome), and a long time ago I worked at Novell on Unixware for TCP/IP service support. I am currently an AI scientist for AWS. I am happy serving for the short period that you need in whatever capacity you need.
  • I would hope we can foster an active community for technical and policy discussions, while furthering the understanding and support for the Internet in the general population. During this brief interim period, I would likely focus on encouraging strong candidates to take the full term position.
  • Member since May 5 2022

Khaled Koubaa

  • I had the opportunity to establish and lead an ISOC chapter for six years. During this period, I collaborated with peers and international colleagues to address national, regional, and global Internet issues. This initial experience led to my election to the ISOC Global Board of Trustees, where I served the community comprising individuals, chapters, and member organizations. Subsequently, I was privileged to extend my service to the broader Internet community as a member of the advisory council of the Public Interest Registry, the board of directors of AfriNIC and ICANN, and the IGF MAG. Currently, I am seeking to contribute to the DC Chapter, aiming to assist with the urgent situation that is critical for maintaining the chapter's status and ensuring the construction of a robust future for the chapter and its members.
  • The ISOC DC chapter occupies a unique position, situated in proximity to the majority of the Internet's key stakeholders. This location endows it with the potential to accomplish significant objectives at local, national, and global levels. I would be pleased to have this advantage reflected in the strategy of an ambitious new chapter.
  • Member since Jul 20 2022

Cynthia Pace

  • I was born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland, where I currently reside. I have a MS in information Technology- Telecommunications Specialization, a BS in Networks and Security. I have been active on the Internet since the 90’s. I have studied the communications act of 1934 and the telecommunications act of 1996.
  • I have worked as a network engineer and I currently teach information technology for a living. With my formal education, professional experience and general knowledge, and with the help of like minds, I wish to help close the digital divide. I want everyone in the world to access all the Internet has to offer.
  • Member since Jun 5 2018

Mike Godwin

  • I’ve been working in internet law and policy since the beginning of my career as a lawyer. I was the first employee at the Electronic Frontier Foundation as a staff counsel, and later served as a staff attorney for the Center for Democracy and Technology. At CDT, then later as Senior Technology Counsel and as legal director of Public Knowledge, I developed testimony, met with regulators and staff, and supervised strategic litigation related to copyright and technological protection measures. I leveraged my experience as a supervisory technology counsel in my role as general counsel at the Wikimedia Foundation (which operates Wikipedia). In my roles at Public Knowledge, at the Wikimedia Foundation, and at Internews, I also provided legal research, insight, and support regarding human-resources, employment, and labor law. I’m a frequently published author on technology-law matters, with a full range of articles written both for legal accuracy and for accessibility for non-law-trained audiences. More recently I have expanded my work into Trust & Safety best practices and support, and I have founded the government-relations function at a Privacy-Enhancing-Technology (PET) startup, Anonym Inc. The common theme of all my professional work has been a focus on advancing empowerment and protections both for all individuals and for non-profit organizations and for-profit companies whose mission goals include advancement of ISOC's vision of an open internet.
  • I believe ISOC-DC is uniquely positioned to be a facilitator for high-quality expertise and advice to policymakers in Washington, DC. In this role, ISOC-DC can supplement and support Internet Society's work in promoting an open, strong, accessible, reliable, and secure internet. I also believe that ISOC-DC can contribute independently these goals by seeking DC-area targets of opportunity and building relationships with policymakers, particularly at the federal level.
  • Member since June 21 2014

Steven Williams

  • I have been a member of the Internet Society since 1996. First in Los Angeles and Ontario, California. Then Loudoun County Virginia and finally Washington D.C. I have participated in several events and programs with ISOC D.C. such as Mutually Agreed Norms for Router Security and Bridging the Digital Divide projects in D.C. and Baltimore. I am a known staunch advocator on Capitol Hill for unifying policies. I spent 4 years working with the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee as an advisor with Polycom bringing Congressional attention to telemedicine. Bringing in the first Highspeed Internet connection (wireless) to the Hart Senate Building for telemedicine demonstrations in 2001, which led to the Broadband Summit in Washington D.C. in 2008 with Vinton Cerf. I am also the President of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) and successfully advocated for the National Juneteenth Independence Day Bill. With the help of my oldest NJOF board member Ms. Opal Lee and the D.C. ISCO using the .US TLD we were able to present Congress with 1.5 million signatures in support of our advocacy for the holiday. Along with that advocacy, the NJOF supports Bridging the Digital Divide with active projects that I lead in places like Las Vegas, NV [Soul City Wifi]. My hands-on focused approach to initiatives supplements the typical leadership qualities of communication, honesty, integrity, confidence, and vision.
  • I joined ISOC D.C. because I feel we can be one of the most effective forces for Internet policy advocacy in the world. My vision is for us to fulfill that role.
  • Member since Jan 15 2020

Chelsea Horne

  • I am a Senior Professorial Lecturer at American University. My research areas focus on the internet, privacy, disinformation, and platform governance. I am happy to help out by serving ISOC DC in this interim capacity.
  • Member since Nov 08 2023