Bylaw reform 2024

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Efforts in early 2024

At the ISOC-DC meeting on November 23 2023 "Given the discussion on the differences of the Chapter bylaws in title structure, the Council decided it would like to form a Bylaw reform committee to consider unifying the Chapters bylaws to the templates available by ISOC to its chapter members, and to make it consistent. Mike Godwin and Joly MacFie agreed to participate in this committee." (minutes). This committee came up with a draft that was presented at AGM on Feb 13 2024, and, while the amendments were approved by those present, circumstances such as a) quorum b) the lack of run up time and c) official blessing from ISOC, prevented it from being adopted.

Fresh effort

At its meeting in March 2024 the Council decided to start from scratch, with a deadline of May 30 2024, and that it be a job for the entire Council.


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