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IGF-USA 2014 Internet Governance Forum USA

The IGF-USA 2014 will be held at George Washington University, in Washington, DC on July 16th, 2014

 As you know, this has been and will continue to be a very important time for policy discussions on Internet governance. United States stakeholders need a fora both to discuss and present future policy ideas. The IGF-USA has been and should continue to be that forum. To ensure that the IGF-USA c0ntinues, The DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) has stepped in and offered to serve as the organizational home for the IGF-USA. The ISOC-DC Chapter has convened multistakeholder Administrative and Steering Committees to oversee the planning and execution of the IGF-USA 2014. ISOC-DC also seeks to establish a long term institutional framework for future IGF-USA events.

Thanks to the hard work of all involved, the IGF-USA 2014 is developing well after a very short amount of lead time. The lineup of topics is as follows, check back shortly for more details!

  • Increasing the Accountability of ICANN
  • Net Neutrality Around the World
  • Innovation and the Online World
  • Strengthening the IGF
  • Big Data, The Internet of Things, Security, Privacy, and Trust
  • The Evolution of the Internet Governance Ecosystem
  • Human Rights in the Internet Governance Debate

Keynotes by prominent luminaries will be announced shortly as well.

Where to find the IGF-USA online

http://www.igf-usa.us/ The next open Steering Committee Meeting will be announced here. You can also find the IGF-USA on Facebook and Twitter.

The Administrative Committee currently includes:

  • Marilyn Cade – Chief Catalyst, IGF-USA
  • David Vyorst – ISOC-DC
  • John More – ISOC-DC
  • Michael Nelson – Microsoft
  • Eileen Donahoe – Human Rights Watch
  • Cheryl Miller – Verizon
  • Manu Bhardwaj – US Department of State
  • Christopher Hemmerlein – NTIA
  • Nazli Chourci – MIT
  • Dmitri Epstein – Cornell
  • Carolina Rossini – Public Knowledge
  • Susan Aaronson – George Washington University
  • Kyle Renner – George Washington University


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